Vijay Gwalani


What makes you aggressive while you are still poor is a PURPOSE!!

A strong purpose will automatically define milestones, and will also guide you to achieve them.

At the age of 19, in midst of all the survival stress, I wanted to marry the woman I loved. This beautiful but strange woman was willing to leave a rich father, easy-going lifestyle, and her comfort zone just to live with a penniless and directionless man like me. Marrying Divya became the purpose, and giving her every material happiness then became the only goal of my life. I wanted to do something of my own but I didn't know what. An underutilized car park belonging to my dad is where it all began. I took this space from my dad and me being me, I paid him rent . I started a data entry setup, tabulating data for Registrars handling stock market IPOs and the tabulation of data for Airlines for a mere 10 to 15 paise per entry.

All but 19, I had understood there is no better weapon, better power, a better feeling than having money. And marrying Divya being the purpose, the broad goal was set and that was to become RICH.

"No matter what the price, you cannot walk away from love"